meGreetings and welcome to my tarot world. My name is Cherie I have been a Claircognizant Tarot reader for 22 years. I have also done readings through email for 12 years. I really prefer my online readings best. The personality form I have you fill out gives me the “vibe” I need to connect, and it’s a very clean way to read.

As of right now Tarot Readings By Cherie is a Bronx, NY based business that specializes in tarot reading.  Readings By Cherie is a home-based service provider that is operating out of my home. All readings are done through email, Facebook Private Message, Telephone, Instagram DM and Oovoo video chat and payments are done online by credit card only through paypal. All telephone and Oovoo Chat readings are by appointment only.

Readings By Cherie offers high-quality, personal tarot readings for entertainment purposes. I offer a high level of personalized, accurate readings tailored to your needs. I will be available for in-call readings at varying prices to make tarot readings more accessible and reasonable for my clients. To gain customers’ respect and trust, Readings By Cherie is known for a high level of accuracy and quality.