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How to Store and Care for Your Cards

Some people feel obligated to put their cards in special boxes or pouches, but there are no set rules to this. Just like there are no set rules for Tarot. Here are some way to store and care for your cards for many years of use.


Spread Cloth:

Using a cloth on which you do your readings is the best way to reduce a lot of wear and tear on your deck. Surfaces of tables and mats are often rough on the cards. Especially when you use those surfaces for giving your cards a good mix. I personally love using my tarot cloth that I purchased from I also think that large scarves are great as spread cloths. I have seen some beautiful scarves at Marshals, TJ Maxx and Walmart.


Tarot Bags:

There are a number of tarot bags available in the market today. I personally use drawstring pouches and some of them have such amazing designs on them. They are made out of a variety of materials and they are available in different sizes. You can also use an organza bag for your cards.


Tarot Card Boxes:

Just like the bags, there are a number of boxes out there in which you can store you Tarot cards and they are made out of a variety of materials like wood and metal. They may be plain or have a lot of interesting designs on them as well. I always find my boxes at


Tarot Deck’s Original Packaging:

You can always use the original packaging that your tarot deck came. This method is good for those who like to collect tarot decks. You can also wrap your cards in a handkerchief and place them in the original packaging. I’ve done this with many of my tarot decks.



Developing your Intuition

Intuitive abilities should not be regarded as the gift of the few. They are the birth right of everyone on Earth. Here are some techniques to developing you intuition.

Always write down your impressions and images spontaneously. Write down even those ideas you started to reject. Don’t censor your thoughts.

Be free, open and expressive. Don’t worry about spelling and punctuation. Criticism and editing have their place in formal writing, not for developing your intuitive skill.

Meditate. Meditation helps you to get quiet and be in the present moment. At the heart of any meditation method is practice of quieting the mind, which can help you increase your awareness of your intuitive sense.

If you are right handed, try writing with your left hand (or vice versa). Although it seems awkward at first at first. It may free you from rigid patterns of expression.

Keep an intuition journal of intuitive impressions, whether they come through dreams, thoughts, sensations, or instantaneous insights.

Go out into nature. Nature often has a calming and centering effect, which helps your access to intuition.

Pay attention and become aware. In order to increase your intuitive abilities you must pay attention to what is going on around you. The more data and information you absorb from your environment, the more your subconscious mind has to work with when you have to make an important decision.

Learn to trust your hunches and gut feelings. If something doesn’t feel right chances are it isn’t right. Your intuition is your inner guide, so learn to trust it. At first, trusting it may be a bit scary, but allow it the opportunity to develop.

Tips for building a Tarot Reading Business Website


Have at least 2 or 3 different Tarot readings that you can offer your clients. Or you might want to have different readings for different topics or spreads such as a relationship reading or a career direction spread. Preferably a love, money, success, or general tarot reading. These seem to really work for me.

The best way to determine your Tarot reading offers is to organize your readings according to the time invested (e.g. a 30 minute Tarot reading and a 60 minute Tarot reading), the number of Tarot cards drawn (e.g. 4-7 cards or 8-12 cards) or the number of questions asked.  Also keep in mind, how will you define what constitutes as just 1 question. I personally use the actual layouts or I’ll set it as a General reading $50, Love Reading $40, etc.

Now that you know what tarot readings you are offering you will need to set a price. If you are going to do readings online I recommend using PayPal. It is the safest way to receive payments online and it’s easy to use. If you are a beginner at tarot I do not recommend charging very high prices. When I first started I use to charge anywhere between $5-$35 per reading. However now that I am better at my readings I charge anywhere between $5-$60 a reading. I don’t consider myself an expert but I do consider myself to be on an intermediate level. Experts usually charge well over $100 for a reading.



Start of by getting a website. If you’re just starting out paying for a website may not be in your budget, but not to worry. There are a few free websites that will allow you to create a free website for your business.

Here is a list of free websites: – this is the website I use for my website. – I personally use this for my blog but it can also be used as a website as well.

Here is a list of paid websites should you want to jump right in and use a paid website.

These are the ones that I like best and they are easy to use.


Social Media Presence:

Next you will want to create a presence on social media, especially if you are going to do tarot readings online. I personally use Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. You can also use Twitter but it can be tricky when it comes to the word count and hashtags. Many people also use YouTube to post a weekly reading or a daily card.

When it comes to Facebook, you could create a page for your business. Having a Facebook page will allow you to attach your website to your page and you can also offer readings through your page. Another way to use a Facebook page is to create contest or post a weekly reading or a daily tarot card. I use my Facebook page to post tarot tips, contests, sales, weekly readings, free readings and so much more.

My Instagram page is mainly for my tarot layouts that I use, or tarot tips. I also use Instagram to post sales and contests. My Pinterest page consists of tarot tips, tarot readings, sales, and layouts. You simply attach your URL’s to everything that you post to get the word out.

If you are going to do readings in person your best bet is to get some flyers and business cards and leave them wherever you go.

You can also offer your readings on Etsy but they do charge a fee for posting. If you’re starting your Tarot business locally, you can set up shop at your home (be mindful of your personal security and privacy), by offering a home visit service (again, be mindful of your safety and travel time), at a new age shop (and pay a commission or rent to the owner) or in a local café, bar or hairdresser (with permission from the owner, of course!!). And last but not least always ask for testimonials or reviews. These can be left on your website or Facebook page.

Finally you should have an ethics page or a disclaimer on your website and or Facebook Page. You need to state, up front, what you will—and will not—do during and after a Tarot reading. To get an idea of what a disclaimer page looks like, click here to read mine. If you’re up front with the kind of readings you enjoy doing—and the ones you will absolutely NOT do because you’re not qualified or comfortable doing so—you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches by having this page on your site.



My own personal belief is that it is difficult to truly certify someone’s ability to read tarot and no piece of paper can guarantee that a reader is any good. Tarot Certifications are not required at all. There are many professional tarot readers that are not “certified”. Many Tarot readers seek certification as a way to make themselves feel better about their craft. A piece of paper cannot guarantee that the tarot reader is any good. Should you choose to get “certified” be careful and make sure you do your research. There are many companies just waiting to steal your money.

What tarot cards are best for you?

Choosing a Tarot deck is a very personal experience. While many believe that your deck should be gifted to you; I am one of those of a different mindset on this. Your relationship with your Tarot deck will become very personal and for that reason alone, I believe that you alone should choose your deck. While there is nothing wrong with having someone present you with a Tarot deck as a gift, sometimes it’s just not the right deck for you.

If at all possible don’t order your deck online because it truly does help to hold the deck in your hand and get a “feel” for that particular Tarot deck. How does it feel in your hands? How do you feel about the artwork? Does the artwork feel ominous of calming? How does it reflect your personality?

If you don’t have a store near you that you can hold the cards in your hands then you do have many places online that you view many of the Tarot decks. Many Tarot readers have several decks, so when buying the deck, think about how you plan to use it. Is it for your own readings and guidance? Are you going to read for others with this deck? Who are the people you are reading? What kind of messages are you looking to pass along.

There are decks to suit just about any need. Some decks are more playful and childish, while others reflect strong masculine or feminine energy. Some decks are very spiritual and some are just fluffy. The choice depends on you as the reader and what you are seeking from the deck itself.

Be careful when choosing decks as not all Tarot are created equal especially when it comes to meanings. If you want traditional meanings then get a deck with traditional suit of Cup, Wands, Pentacles and Swords (Sometimes, the Wands may be replaces with Staves or Rods). There is nothing wrong with going with a less than traditional deck and always remember when interpreting the cards to follow your gut more than the rule book. You do not have to be psychic to read Tarot cards, but you do need to allow your intuition to have the final say in any reading.

That same intuition will guide you in choosing your Tarot deck, trust that what feels right by you and you can never go wrong.

Tarot Exhaustion

Tarot can become exhausting for a number of reasons, Maybe you have many consecutive readings in a short span of time, you readings were highly emotional or charged, maybe you don’t know how or have forgotten to ground yourself before a reading. Whatever the reason, here is some information to help you with tarot exhaustion.



Some clients have more spiritual and emotional baggage than others. It is better to be safe first than sorry later. This can be in the form of a spiritual protection bubble or a crystals such as obsidian or quartz to help protect you from negative energy, or an amulet that you like wearing. So much of the time we as readers are on the receiving end of things that we forget that this heightened level of energy can cause us to utilize an unprecedented amount of energy. Before a tarot reading, and in between readings, imagine yourself surrounded by white light that is protecting you from any negative energy.


Grounding and Centering:

Grounding and centering is the absolutely essential first step for any energy working. It’s the thing that makes sure you are pulling the energy from the earth instead of depleting your own resources.



It can help to use affirmations, incantations, prayers or rituals before and after a tarot reading. It doesn’t really matter what you say, it is the intent that is important.


Release the Energy:

There are many ways you can release the energy between readings. I personally like to wash my hands, visualizing the soap clearing up any lingering energy and burn some incense or cigar to neutralize the area.



Meditation creates a sacred space in which we work. Even if you are alone, your work or reading space will be greatly enhanced by charging it with your meditation. Mediation is a good way to separate ourselves from what came before. Whether it be our busy day, the commute to work, other people’s energies, while preparing ourselves for what comes next. It literally gives us some “breathing space” and helps us regain our energy.


Listen to your own needs:

It is also a good idea to take a walk, get up, eat a snack, drink something, shake your body around, or stretch. Your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical safety come first.


Paying Attention During Readings

There are four things that I pay attention to when doing readings for others professionally.


The Querent:

Take some time to really observe the person you are reading for. Make sure they are comfortable and have everything they need before the reading begins, such as water or tea, a pen and paper for notes, etc. Attention to human comforts, both the querents and your own, will start the reading off on the right foot. During the reading, watch their body language. Sometimes physical reactions can give you feedback on your energy reading even if they don’t say anything. Watch their energy level and endeavor to keep them relaxed and engaged in the process whenever possible.


The Question:

This is the focal point of the reading. Take time to examine the question and clarify it so it best reflects what the querent really wants to know. Many times a question will have underlying questions that can be more important than the one that was originally asked. Once you have determined what the real question is, make sure you answer it. This may sound obvious but it’s easier than you think to get side tracked by other issues and forget to give a solid answer to the original question.


The Conversation:

Be very attentive to what the querent says. Sometimes the querent can casually throw out a crucial piece of information that can be missed if we are too preoccupied with what we are going to say next.


The Close:

Whenever possible, the querent should leave the reading feeling upbeat and optimistic or at least with a plan of action to help them in the direction they need to go. If this isn’t the case, sometimes I like to take the time to draw one  ore card which will give the querent proactive advice concerning what they could do next, if they so choose. I like to close by saying “I hope this has been helpful to you”.

Directional Aspecting in Tarot

It can be very proficient to read the directions in which things or people are turned in a tarot spread, and how the illustrations are moving towards or away from each other.


When interpreting movement in tarot, it allows for reading the tarot as a map, concerning what is going on as a whole rather than focusing on one meaning of an individual card. It allows the reader to recognize how the cards have a relationship together according to movement when trying to get the full meaning of the spread overall.


If you notice the queen of wands is staring to the right as if she is seeing something. For example is the seven of swords was to the right of her, the movement interpretation can mean that she is aware of some sort of trickery or deceit.