Easy Tarot Card Layouts to Remember

Three Card Spread: This is the most basic and straightforward spread of all times. For this spread, draw three cards from a well shuffled deck and lay them out in a straight line. This spread has many different applications. These 3 positions can either stand for ‘Past, Present and Future’ or ‘Situation, Advice and Outcome’ or ‘Option one, Option two, Outcome’ and so on. You can be totally creative with this spread. Also observe the flow of the reading and read in the direction which seems natural to you.

Four Card Spread: A four card reading in the Tarot will be used similarly as the three card readings. These are quick snapshots of understanding with a bit more details that three cards offer. These four positions can stand for Past, Present and Future’ or ‘Situation or you may have four questions that you would like answered.

Five Card Spread: This is a step-up on the basic 3-Card Spread. For this draw 5 cards from a well shuffled deck and lay them out in a straight line. Like the previous spread, this too has several applications. For example, the five positions could be ‘Past, Present, Hurdles, Advice, and Outcome’.

Seven Card Spread: Again a very good and simple spread. Draw 7 cards from a well shuffled deck and lay them in either a straight line or in a horse-shoe pattern. The positions would be: ‘Past, Present, Situation, Hurdles, Advice, Outcome One and Outcome Two.

Other spreads include:

  • Mini Tarot Reading
  • Five Card Reading
  • Emotional Clutter Reading
  • Love Reading
  • Past Present Future Read
  • Basic Life Spread
  • The European Reading
  • New Perspective
  • The Pathway Reading
  • The Moon Phase Reading
  • Celtic Cross Reading
  • Soul mate Tarot Spread
  • Three Question Reading
  • Purification Reading
  • The Planetary Reading
  • Ellipse Reading
  • Mandala Reading
  • The Relationship Reading
  • The Six Month Evolution Reading
  • Soul Mate Tarot Reading
  • The Daily Reading
  • The Mirror Reading
  • Cross and Triangle
  • Birthday Tarot Reading
  • Star Reading
  • Tree of life Tarot Spread
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Pregnancy Reading
  • Romance Spread
  • The Will I Get Back With My Ex Tarot Reading
  • The Finding Love Tarot Reading
  • Decision Making Reading

And much, much more.


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