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The Four R’s of Tarot


What is the issue? Tarot can be used to demonstrate that underlying, subconscious forces are often at work. What old feelings are involved in the situation?



What is preventing you from dealing with the issue? Why hasn’t it been solved yet? This card will force you to look at your shortcomings and give you the direction you need to be able to take action.



This card is the most important in the spread because its focus is on what ultimately needs to be done to turn the tide and free yourself from the problem. Tarot is there to offer a different perspective and force you to think things through sufficiently before making the leap into action.



Once you’ve taken the best possible action in order to solve the issue, what can you do to manage the consequences and make sure it doesn’t end up happening again.


Many Different uses for the Tarot

A tool for personal exploration.

A tool for personal growth, and achievement of self-knowledge.

A focus for meditation.

A tool for use in rituals.

A tool for seeing the choices available to you.

A tool for problem solving.

A tool for clarifying goals.

A tool for seeing into the past.

A tool for understanding the present.

A tool for creating the future.

A tool for accessing our unconscious.

A tool for helping us come into our own power.

A tool accessing the knowledge of our ancestors.

And tool for understanding and working with the Elemental energies. (Fire, water, air, and Earth).

A tool for enriching our lives.

A tool for helping create and give power to personal affirmations.

A tool for practicing the ancient sacred are of storytelling.

An oracular tool, used for fortune telling in its most basic form, and for dialoguing and personal insight in its highest form.

A tool for helping you to access and develop your psychic powers/abilities.

A tool to help you understand dreams.

A tool for helping you create “dreams”.

A tool for working with journaling.

A tool for developing characters, plots and story lines for writers.

A tool for developing a personal profile through the use of birth cards, personal day and year cards, and more.

A tool for whatever you want it to do!

4 Tips on Reading Negative Tarot Cards

Opposite meaning:

What is the opposite meaning of the negative car? The opposite meaning can indicate a secret desire.



What challenges does the card represent? What strengths will help you with this challenge?



What opportunities does this card represent? Is there a skill or lesson to master?



How can the “issues” represented by this card be faced and dissolved? How can you manifest this cards opposite meaning?