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Tarot Readings I Offer

General Tarot Readings: Have questions about your job or business? Need some answers regarding love, health, financial or happiness? Then General Tarot Readings are for you. General readings are based on Finance, Career/work, Love/Relationships, Opportunities, Obstacles, Family. These readings consist of 8-12 Tarot Cards and can be customized to fit your needs. All general Tarot readings are $50.


Love/Relationship Tarot Readings: Have questions about your current relationship? Are you wondering if you and your ex should reconnect? Are you curious about a new love? Or are you wondering when you’re going to find your soulmate? Is your husband or wife cheating? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then the Love/Relationship readings are for you. Love/Relationship readings are based on Family and Love. These readings can give you insight on your current relationship or they can give you insight on what’s headed your way regarding love. All Love/Relationship readings can be customized to fit your needs. All love/relationship readings are $40.


Pregnancy Tarot Readings: The Pregnancy Tarot Readings consist of questions such as, why do you want to be pregnant? Is it the right time to become pregnant? When are you most likely to become pregnant? How will pregnancy affect your life? How will pregnancy affect you relationship with your partner? What in my past has prepared me for this? What do I need to release/move past? Outcome: What will your new life be like with your child? These readings can also cover each trimester of your pregnancy. It can give you insight as to what to expect or what’s headed your way. The main theme for the trimester Tarot reading is Mother (health concerns, emotional state, spiritual state, process of bonding with baby) Baby (health concerns, emotional state, spiritual state, process of bonding with baby) Main themes/changes within the relationship between mother and father. All Pregnancy readings can be customized to fit your needs. All Pregnancy readings are $50.


Career Path/Success Tarot Readings: These readings help you better understand the obstacles and challenges that are confronting you in your endeavors. It then goes on to identify the strengths and resources that you have at your disposal to overcome whatever issues are obstructing your path to success. It also can suggest new solutions that you may not have been aware of. The Career Path Reading is an excellent tarot spread for answering questions regarding your professional life. It is a great tool for understanding and working through current stumbling blocks by suggesting strategies to on how to deal with issues that may be affecting your ability to move forward or get a promotion. It can also highlight opportunities for personal realization and financial prosperity by revealing the influences and blocks that may be prohibiting you from making needed changes within your career. All Career Tarot Readings are $35.


Pendulum Readings: A Pendulum Reading consists of observing the movements of the suspended pendulum in order to determine the answer to a question for the client. The reader holds the string or cord, and asks exact questions of the pendulum, after first determining which pattern of movement or which direction constitutes a “yes” or “no” answer. All pendulum readings are $10.00.


All readings are done through Facebook private message, email, Oovoo video chat or telephone. Telephone and Oovoo Readings are by appointment only.


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