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Tarot Tips 78-100

Tarot Tip 78: When doing a tarot reading pick a deck that resonates with the reading you are about to do. Place each of your decks in front of you and see which one you are most drawn to.


Tarot Tip 79: When doing a tarot reading, listen closely to your intuition. What is it telling you? What messages immediately come to mind? What images are you drawn to?


Tarot Tip 80: Make time to phrase your question correctly so that you will receive a helpful answer.


Tarot Tip 81: Before you start your tarot reading make sure you are in a place where you will not be interrupted.
Tarot Tip 82: If you are going to read the tarot for yourself ask questions that are directly related to you and not someone else.


Tarot Tip 83: Pay attention to the imagery in the card and let your intuition speak to you. What does the imagery mean to you?


Tarot Tip 84: A simple shuffle before and after every reading can help cleanse your cards of any negative energy.


Tarot Tip 85: Always make a habit to record your tarot reading so that you can always come back to them later.


Tarot Tip 86: Figure out your own personal tarot style. You do not have to do what everyone else does. Do what feels comfortable to you. There are not right or wrong options.


Tarot Tip 87: Wands represent inspiration, energy, spirituality, motivation, and life force.


Tarot Tip 88: There is no such thing as good or bad cards when it comes to the tarot deck.


Tarot Tip 89: Know your basic numerology and suits and you will have mastered 40 tarot cards right away.


Tarot Tip 90: Do not stress yourself by trying to memorize all the meanings of the cards. Go with what feels right and use your intuition.


Tarot Tip 91: A tarot reading cannot create your future for you only you can do that. That’s up to you.


Tarot Tip 92: Take the time to put down the books and take in the energy of the cards. Connect with your cards on a more personal level.


Tarot Tip 93: Try to draw a card every day and look for personal experiences that tell you more about that card.


Tarot Tip 94: When doing a tarot reading always keep it simple. Simple layouts, simple meanings, and simple techniques.


Tarot Tip 95: try to tell the story of the card by looking at the imagery and the symbolism.


Tarot Tip 96: Be open to the messages received through the tarot cards whether they are good or bad.


Tarot Tip 97: If a reading feels off or wrong let some time pass and reshuffle and start again. If the reading is for you let some time pass and reshuffle and ask again.


Tarot Tip 98: Once you are done with a reading return the cards one by one into the deck at random places and then shuffle.


Tarot Tip 99: Avoid asking the tarot cards questions such, as will I? When? Should I? They take away your free will and responsibility. Instead ask open ended questions such as What? Why? Or How?


Tarot Tip 100: Always look at the bottom card of the deck. This card signifies what is unseen or it can be the answer to an underlying question.


The tips are endless. As you continue to study tarot you will learn more tarot tips as you go along.


Tarot Tips 59 – 77

Tarot Tip 59: Clients will occasionally ask about their pets. Usually these questions are health related. It’s good to have a few cards in the mix that relate to animals. Here are some ideas: Wands – Lizards and amphibians, Swords – Birds, Cups – Water animals/ fish, Pentacles – Dogs and cats. Strength – a cat getting better or recovering, Moon – A dog getting better or recovering.


Tarot Tip 60: Don’t be afraid to take cards out of the deck. Many of the cards have similar meanings. Lots of them are unnecessary if your client has a specific question. Examples: For a love question remove the cups suit, the 10 of pentacles, The World, The Lovers, Death, and any other cards you associate with love (good and bad). Do the reading using only these cards. Remove “scary” cards like the Devil, and the 9 of Swords, when reading for kids or upbeat events like bridal showers, birthday parties, etc.


Tarot Tip 61: Clients always want to know when something will happen. Make your readings easier by coming up with a tarot shorthand for timing events. Designate certain cards for each month or astrological sign. Or, if you want a simple solution, pick four cards and designate them for the solstices and equinoxes. Example: Sun – Summer Solstice, Moon – Winter Solstice, Lovers – Spring Equinox, Death – Autumn Equinox.


Tarot Tip 62: A quick way to cleanse tarot cards is to make a circle out of quartz crystals, Amethyst or Citrine or a combination and lay your cards in the middle of it. Leave it overnight. This is a good practice for professional readers who do several readings a day. Have a designated crystal circle and get into the habit of putting your cards in it at the end of the day.


Tarot Tip 63: Clients will occasionally have a strong dislike to certain cards. Sometimes they won’t like the image. You may come across a Christian client who prefers not to see the devil, or someone who’s afraid of dogs and they do not want to see any cards with dog images. Sometimes the card is related to a recent trauma or event. They could be a newly divorced person that does not want to see the lovers card or three of cups, or a person who had a terrible childhood and doesn’t want the six of cups popping up. Just take those cards out of the deck. Another card will address their question/situation in a different but equally valid way.  For example, take the Moon out and the six of swords may pop up instead.


Tarot Tip 64: If you find yourself reading for kids a lot, it may be a good idea to invest in a kid friendly tarot deck. Another way of reading for kids is to use only the Major Arcana cards. These cards are full of archetypal images that correspond to fairytales and Disney movies that are well within their realm of knowledge.


Tarot Tip 65: There is no need to collect multiple tarot decks, but it is a good idea to own at least two tarot decks. The first, a playing card sized deck with obvious imagery that’s easy for your clients to shuffle, handle or understand. The second, a tarot sized deck with images that are vivid and have personal meaning to you. This will be your personal deck. The working deck is used and handled by yourself and clients during readings. The personal deck is used by you exclusively in spells, image boards, projects and personal readings.


Tarot Tip 66: If you are short on cash but want to study tarot, pick up a deck of playing cards from your local dollar store. They are basically the same as the minor arcana. Start using them and you will get a head start. Examples: Hearts – Cups, Clubs – Wands, Diamonds – Pentacles/Coins, Spades – Swords, Joker – The Fool.


Tarot Tip 67: Sometimes, a client will want several readings in a row and will ask the same question, phrased slightly different, every time. This is unfortunate for two reasons: It is a waste of your time and energy and theirs. Second, because different cards come up in each reading the client believes they will get a different answer when in reality the answer is still the same. The client will get what they are giving which is the same answer phrased differently. Explaining it in this way usually gets through to them.


Tarot Tip 68: As part of your tarot business, consider running a monthly sale on the day of the full moon. A full moon gives you energy and amplifies your readings and heightens your intuition. If you can devote the day of the full moon to reading your cards, you will be using universal energy to your advantage.


Tarot Tip 69: Tarot Tips for the Spring Equinox. Ask questions related to renewal, rebirth, and planting. Look for cups and pentacles. They are good signs. Love questions are great. So are questions relating to fertility and creativity. Anything related to beginnings is a great start. Look for animal imagery like rabbits, lambs, birds, eggs, the usual Easter/Ostara stuff. Those cards are the most significant.


Tarot Tip 70: Make sure you always decide how you will layout the cards before a reading. Will you face the cards towards you or the client?


Tarot Tip 71: It’s ok to ask your clients questions during a reading if you are unsure of a specific card.


Tarot Tip 72: When doing tarot readings, it is a great idea to create a specific space to do your readings. Get rid of any clutter and place your favorite spiritual items where you want to do your tarot readings at.


Tarot Tip 73: Always end your tarot reading by answering the original questions that were asked.


Tarot Tip 74: Try and set an intention before every reading. Think about what you most out of the reading you’re about to do.


Tarot Tip 75: Always have an open mind and open heart when consulting your cards.


Tarot Tip 76: I recommend you choose a tarot spread based on your question or I like to create a specific layout for each client.


Tarot Tip 77: Its ok to come up with a different meaning to a card when doing a tarot reading because it’s your intuition communicating with you.

Tarot Tips 45-58

Tarot Tip 45: On a more serious note, being a tarot reader can sometimes mean laying a few cards out and sometimes being a tarot reader means having a number for a suicide or domestic violence hotline handy. Unfortunately, you can never be too sure of a person’s state of mind, so it is always good to have these numbers on hand.


Tarot Tip 46: If you are feeling anxious or exhausted before a reading, try doodling, or journaling, or making lists in whatever notebook is close by you. It will help you to get into the right mind frame.


Tarot Tip 47: Don’t feel pressured to explain your process or every individual card meaning. Focus on answering your client’s questions. They are looking for answers, not a lesson in tarot.


Tarot Tip 48: If you have an online store or tarot shop, make sure you get and app or an email that will notify you when someone pays for a reading. You don’t want to make your clients wait because you were away from your computer. I use my email and I receive alerts from PayPal. Send them a quick message with an estimated tie line for their reading.


Tarot Tip 49: The best thing you can do is keep reading. Pick up tarot guides, guides in intuition, astrology, crystals, superstitions and guides that help you become a better reader. Stop by any library, or flea market to find cheap or free interesting books that will increase your understanding.


Tarot Tip 50: Charge what you are worth. Don’t let anyone tell you that your “gift” should be given away for free. It is not a gift, it’s a skill that you have worked hard to learn and master.


Tarot Tip 51: Set boundaries with your clients. Make it clear that you have working and non-working hours. Make it clear that you do not answer emails after a certain time of the day. Make it clear that you take certain days of the week off.


Tarot Tip 52: It’s ok to have a tarot specialty. I’m great with questions regarding love or general life, but that doesn’t mean I’m bad at other types of questions. It’s just that I connect to certain topics in a different way.


Tarot Tip 53: Grounding and centering yourself is a great way to replenish your energy and it should be practiced daily. It can be an elaborate meditation ritual or just 5 minutes of walking outside. The important thing is that it works with your everyday life.


Tarot Tip 54: Crystals for Tarot readers: Quartz – amplifies energy, Amethyst – balances emotions and taps into psychic ability/intuition, Moonstone – Helps you connect to the universe/intuition/psychic abilities, Sodalite – Enhances communication skills and balances emotions.


Tarot Tip 55: Tarot readers often light incense or smudge sticks to cleanse the energy in the room. If you live with someone who is allergic or hates the smells, try ecofriendly room sprays instead. You van by them at places like the body shop or you can make them yourself using distilled water with drops of essential oils.


Tarot Tip 56: Practice spiritual minimalism, your readings will be clearer and more powerful if your physical and mental space is uncluttered.


Tarot Tip 57: Have a personal card. Designate one card that represents yourself. Some readers find the Emperor or the High Priestess appealing but it could be any card from the Major or Minor Arcana. This card will become a shorthand. When it shows up during a reading you’re giving, it’s a message that the client is like you in some way. Or that you must really watch yourself because something may be off with you personally and its interfering with the reading. When reading for yourself it’s a message to get out your own way. Stop overthinking and step away from the cards.


Tarot Tip 58: Need a message from the universe? Want a little guidance? Need to know what energies surround you? The Major Arcana are the big cards about big ideas. They’re not prescriptive.  They do not come with instructions. If you want guidance but you’re not ready to take actual steps, remove the Major Arcana Cards from your deck and read with them exclusively.

What to Look for In a Tarot Deck

When looking for a tarot deck do your research. Try to look for a personal or intuitive connection with the tarot cards. The best way to choose a Tarot deck is to find one that you can connect with. You hear someone talking about their favorite deck, but if go and buy them and when you go to do a Tarot reading with those cards you go blank, then it’s not the right deck for you.


If you come across someone who swears by the Rider Waite deck, but you are more drawn to Oracle Tarot Cards, then go with the Oracle Tarot Cards. If you are lucky enough to have a store that sells tarot cards by you, then your best bet is to go to the store and handle all the Tarot decks that are on display. Try and figure out what energy you pick up from the deck. Do you feel a personal connection to the cards you are holding? And if you’re looking to buy a deck of Tarot cards online, then do a quick Google search and look through the card images to see if you feel a connection.


The next thing to look for is artwork you connect with. I always look for artwork that resonates with me. Look at the Tarot cards within the specific deck you are interested in. Look through them one-by-one or, if you are searching online, find as many images as possible through Google or even Instagram.


Now it is time to consider the quality of the cards. Cardstock is very important when looking for a deck that will last you a long time. The perfect cards won’t be to flimsy, and not too heavily laminated. I like them to be well-finished, with smooth edges that make it easy to shuffle. Some decks are perfect if they are a little rougher. Most of the Tarot decks will have a certain thickness to make sure you can continue using them for many years.


The next thing to consider is the tarot deck size. It is a great idea to make sure the cards feel comfortable in your hands. If the cards are too big it will be awkward for you to hold or shuffle. Decks that are not too small also come with the same difficulties as a large deck. Different Tarot cards come in different sizes. You’ve got to choose the size that’s right for you. Giant Tarot cards are great for group Tarot readings or parties because it’s like having props. However, regular Tarot cards are better for face-to-face client reading. Mini Tarot cards are perfect for fitting into your handbag for a Tarot reading on the go. If the cards are too big or too small, they may be too much for you or your clients to handle. Before selecting a deck, handle the cards and practice shuffling them.


Lastly, be sure to consider your level of experience when it comes to tarot decks. If you are a beginner, you may prefer to start learning with the most popular Tarot deck, the Rider Waite deck.  A lot of people find it easy to understand, the photos are straight-forward and practical and there is a lot of information available for this deck. Don’t be limited by thinking that if you’re new to Tarot, you can only read with the Rider Waite deck. You need to also consider if you have a personal connection with the cards. A lot of beginners like to start off with Oracle cards because these cards also help them build their intuition. Again, there is no right or wrong way to get started. You should do what makes you feel the most comfort and go from there.


Effective Tarot Questions

  1. What do I need to know most about my love life?
  2. What do I need to know most about my career?
  3. What do I need to know most about the situation with my mother/brother/sister/friend/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend?
  4. How can I move my career forward?
  5. How can I move my love life forward?
  6. What’s trying to come forth in my life?
  7. What’s the strongest foundation to build upon?
  8. It can go two ways. Help me decide which way to go.
  9. What are the pros and cons of these two choices?
  10. How can I make the best possible decisions?
  11. What should I do about the situation with my work?
  12. What shouldn’t I do about it?
  13. What should I do about the situation with my mother/brother/sister/friend/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend?
  14. What shouldn’t I do about it?
  15. How can I restore my hope for the future?
  16. What blessings do I bring to my life?
  17. What blessings do my friends and loved ones bring to me?
  18. What blessings are coming to me?
  19. How is fortune smiling on me?
  20. Where is love in my life?
  21. How can I know that there is meaning in my life?
  22. What am I ignoring?
  23. What am I not seeing?
  24. Whats holding me back?
  25. What am I denying?
  26. What am I seeing that’s not true?
  27. What have I forgotten?
  28. What could trip me up?
  29. What can I learn from the past?
  30. What is the future telling me?
  31. What cycles are impacting me?
  32. What have I learned?
  33. Where am I strongest?
  34. What should I look out for?
  35. What if anything needs to be done?
  36. How can I communicate this in the best possible way?
  37. How will the trip go?
  38. How can I improve my relationship with….?
  39. How can I improve my ability to…..?
  40. How can I make the transition from…….to……?
  41. Can you help me find a way to……?
  42. Can you help me understand why……?
  43. Can you give me insight into……?
  44. What do I need to know to decide on…..?
  45. What do I need to understand/know about…….?
  46. What do I need to know to get along better with…….?
  47. What action can I take that will immediately and positively shift my current circumstances?
  48. What step/steps van I take to improve my situation?
  49. How can I open myself up to receiving love?
  50. What patterns and beliefs require clearing so that I may experience more love?
  51. Which of my thoughts, actions, or circumstances are blocking me from receiving love?
  52. What patterns am I ready to release?
  53. (3 card layout) Past, Present, Future
  54. (3 card layout) You, Your Path, Your Potential
  55. (3 card layout) You, Relationship, Partner
  56. (3 card layout) Situation, Action, Outcome
  57. (3 card layout) Idea, Process, Aspiration
  58. (3 card layout) Mind, Body, Spirit
  59. (3 card layout) Physical State, Emotional State, Spiritual State
  60. (3 card layout) Subconscious, Conscious, Super Conscious
  61. (3 card layout) Option 1, Option 2, Option 3
  62. (3 card layout) What I think, What I feel, What I do
  63. (3 card layout) Your Strengths, Weaknesses, My advice
  64. (3 card layout) Worked well, Didn’t work well, Lesson
  65. (3 card layout) What you want, What they want, Where it is going
  66. (3 card layout) Option 1, Option 2, How to choose
  67. (3 card layout) Strength, Weaknesses, Advice
  68. (3 card layout) Situation, Obstacle, Advice
  69. (3 card layout) Aspiration, Obstacle, How to Overcome
  70. (3 card layout) Opportunities, Challenges, Outcome
  71. (4 card layout) You, Unknown, Known, Action
  72. (4 card layout) Will, Issue, Ego, Alternative
  73. (4 card layout) Pros, Cons, Question, Answer
  74. (4 card layout) Past, Present, Future, Outcome
  75. (4 card layout) Underlying anxiety/tension, The Cause, what can be done to ease the situation, How can it be resolved?
  76. (5 card layout) Present and general theme, Past Influences, Future, Potential
  77. (5 card layout) Discard, block, action, avoid, accept
  78. You as you are.
  79. Are you on the correct path?
  80. What is helping me?
  81. How can progress be made?
  82. (5 card layout) Situation, challenge, guidance, focus, outcome
  83. (5 card layout) The question, background, sitter/seeker, environment (outside influences), the answer
  84. Your wants in the relationship
  85. Their wants in the relationship
  86. Passed issues that may interfere in your relationship
  87. What are they really thinking?
  88. How do they really feel?
  89. Obstacles
  90. Outcome
  91. Is there hope of finding romance in the future?
  92. Will the new love be like past loves?
  93. Will the relationship feel safe and secure?
  94. Will there be commitment in the relationship?
  95. Is marriage a possibility in the relationship?
  96. Will the relationship last?
  97. What can be done to find true love?
  98. Past influences now having bearing on the situation
  99. Now – the influences surrounding you at the minute
  100. Future influence having bearing
  101. What to do
  102. External influences having bearing
  103. Hopes and fears
  104. Final outcome of this situation.