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6 Ways to Choose a Tarot Card:

Fall Away Method:

Hold the deck in your left hand and tilt to one side. Part of the deck will fall away, revealing a gap. Choose the top card.


Cut Method:

Simply cut the deck using your left hand.


Intuitive Shuffle:

Shuffle the cards until you feel it’s time to stop. Choose the top card.


Card Hand Method:

Fan the cards out like if you’re playing mean game of poker, except that that the cards should be facing out so you can’t see them.


Fan Out Method:

Fan cards out on a table, magician style. Either choose the card your eye is most drawn to, or float your hand over the cards and stop when you feel tingles in your palm.


Pop Up Method:

Shuffle cards horizontally until one pops up. Choose that card.


Tarot Tips 30-44

Tarot Tip 30:

Be aware of the astrological correspondences of tarot cards. They can tell you when something will happen or who is being referred to in a reading. For example, the moon symbolizes Pisces, late February/early March and possibly Cancer (because its ruling planet is the moon) or a woman who is a water sign. It’s not an exact science but if you get stuck on a card and can’t see how it fits, astrology can help you.


Tarot Tip 31:

A reversed card doesn’t equal a reversed meaning. The four of pentacles means almost the same thing upright or reversed (possessiveness and materialism). The Hanged man is tied up no matter which way he falls and The Tower will burn regardless of the direction of the flame. Major Arcana cards tend to be poetic.


Tarot Tip 32:

You can rely on certain cards to be a “sure thing” while giving a reading. These are cards that are always accurate and always predict the same thing (relevant to the question asked). My “sure thing” cards related to relationships are:

Empress = Pregnancy

Three of Cups Reversed = Cheating

Ten of Cups = Marriage

Ten of Cup Reversed = Divorce

What are your “sure thing” cards?


Tarot Tip 33:

The Lovers is one of the most iconic cards in the tarot deck. Many readers find it to be a good prediction of love. I’ve never found it to be. For me, The Lovers is more of a Romeo and Juliet type of situation: immature, infatuation or instant attraction rather than a deep commitment based on understanding.

Why am I mentioning this?

Because it’s important to know the traditional meaning of cards but it’s also important to know how the cards present themselves to you. This can only be understood through practice.


Tarot Tip 34:

Bad energy equals bad readings. Think about how you treat your tarot deck and how that affects its energy. An old, peeling or faded deck doesn’t have the best energy. Time to retire it. Having a collection of 27 different tarot decks that you never use is equally bad. Use every deck you have. Otherwise, your tarot readings will be stale and ineffective.


Tarot Tip 35:

Don’t waste your tarot reading on the following questions:

  1. Am I pregnant?
  2. Will he/she come back to me?
  3. When/ how will I die?
  4. When will I get married?


P.S. The short answer to those questions are: Take a test. Depends on them. When/ How it happens. Depends on you.


Tarot Tip 36:

It’s completely possible to learn tarot for free:

Find two decks of playing cards (probably around your house somewhere) or find cardboard and cut out 78 cards. They can even be mini cards if you do not have enough cardboard. Write the name of each tarot card on your homemade/repurposed cards in marker or pen. Shuffle and draw. Use websites like biddytarot.com or learntarot.com to figure out the meanings.


Tarot Tip 37:

You might find that the clearer your mind is, the clearer your readings become. A clear/clean mind is often the result of better eating habits. Experiment with giving up sugar and caffeine or junk food and see how it affects your readings. Try green smoothies. Try chai tea. Try red wine. Try drinking three lattes before you read your cards. See what happens when you eat ice-cream vs. when you eat kale. There’s no right or wrong. Just notice how what you ingest affects your reading.


Tarot Tip 38:

If a reading feels wrong to you, if something feels off walk away. Set your cards aside and come back to them later. Your clients would rather have a good reading instead of a quick reading. This is especially true if you’ve had a busy day at work and are trying to catch up on your readings at night. Sleep on it and try again in the morning when you’re fresh and rested.


Tarot Tip 39:

Meditation is an important part of your tarot practice. It’s as simple as setting your timer on your phone for 5 minutes, closing your eyes and noticing what thoughts are happening in your mind. You don’t have to sit in a lotus pose. You don’t have to stop thinking. You don’t have to say a mantra. Just close your eyes, pay attention to your thoughts and maybe take a few deep breaths.


Tarot Tip 40:

When you lay out a reading, pay attention to the way in which the human figures on each card interact with each other. Are they facing toward each other or are they facing away? Do they look harmonious? Or do they look tense? Does it look like they have a relationship: father-daughter, mother-son, lovers, friends, enemies?

You might find that the nine of pentacles and the knight of swords gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes. Or that the figures on the six of swords are escaping from the fight happening on the five of wands. Or that the queen of cups is rolling her eyes at the hierophant.  Tarot cards have images on them for a reason. Noticing how the figures on the cards interact will give you extra information.


Tarot Tip 41:

Tarot readings are spiritual and practical. Cleanse your cards and meditate but don’t forget mundane chores like sweeping, dusting and eating breakfast. Take care of yourself and your space and you’ll give a more accurate reading.


Tarot Tip 42:

Intricate tarot spreads and layouts are great but you don’t need them. They’re like jewelry and fancy shoes – beautiful but unnecessary.


Tarot Tip 43:

Do you really need another tarot deck? New agers tend to be collectors- crystals, incense, essential oils, silver jewelry- we love it all. Before you buy something new ask yourself: Am I a collector or a practitioner? Especially if you own more stuff than you can possibly use on a regular basis.


Tarot Tip 44:

Deal with inappropriate questions before they are asked. Email clients a pre-reading form that includes a disclaimer and a list of questions you deem inappropriate. These might include questions like:

Am I pregnant?

When will I die?

Has my ex boyfriends new girlfriend put a curse on me?

Tarot Reading Parties and Events

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Clairaudience is obtaining information by hearing sounds or voices, that can’t be heard by ‘normal’ people. It is sounds that are outside the range of normal spectrum of hearing. it aren’t higher or lower tones, but different tones. Someone who is clairaudient can receive this. It does look like someone is whispering. It isn’t necessary to hear it in the ears. It is also possible to hear it inside yourself.

Someone who is clairaudient, hears often only a part or some of the possibilities below. Besides the ways of clairaudience mentioned below, there are also other possibilities.

Getting through by entities

Around everyone several spirits/guides can be found. These guides do help the person in case and give him advice when someone can hear it. In this world not only positive spirits exist, also negative (evil-minded) spirits do exist and can advise you the wrong things. It is important to stay close to yourself and evaluate the things that are advised. A person with experience should be able to determine whether or not a spirit is negative or positive.

Sometimes entities/spirits for example come to you for a short visit and they can say hello and ask your attention by calling your name. Someone who hears her name knows that she is visited for a moment and that someone comes having a look.


Hearing thoughts (telepathy, mind reading, psychic)

It is rare, but some people do have the ability to hear other people’s thoughts. Mostly this is possible with relatives and friends, the people you have personal bonds with. You hear in your head what the other person thinks, perhaps it looks like you hear it with your ears, but it is really in your head. The first time it happens, probably you will ask the other person what he/she said, and the other answers with saying nothing have been said. To perceive thoughts, distance doesn’t matter.


Inner hearing ~~~~ from deep inside you

Other people do not listen to voices coming from outside, but can listen to themselves. The difference with clairsentience (knowing) is the source where it comes from. With paranormal knowing the information comes from a cosmic source, while inner hearing comes from inside you. The person turns inside, and goes inside to your innerself for advice. It is important that the innerself can speak freely without being influenced by the will or ego of a person.



Communication with trees

There are people that communicate with trees. This is almost similar to inner hearing, but here the difference is that there isn’t communication with your inner self, but you make contact with the tree outside you. When you communicate, you make contact with the consciousness of the tree. You hear the tree inside your head, and not in your ears. You translate it in words yourself. All trees do have individuality, but at the same time they are part of a collective consciousness. Different trees do have different characters. Besides trees people can talk to plants as well.



This is when someone is able to derive some things from the voice of a person. When someone is talking with someone else, the person puts unconscious many emotions as energies in it from himself. When a person does have conceitedness, this is also put in the voice of that person. Through the voice someone carries out the conceitedness he has. This is the case for every feeling and every characteristic someone has. Also when a person is lying the other person can hear that in the voice. The energy of the lying is put into the voice and received by the ear. This energy translates itself into knowing the other person is lying. It is also possible that a person hears someone speaking the truth (because the lying-energy is absent in the voice). With listening to the expression of sound, more information can be taken out from the voice. You hear a voice and with this voice can be able to describe how the other person is like.