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The Fool

the fool

Fool Upright: The Fool is a very powerful card in the Tarot deck. This card represents a new beginning or an end to something old in your life. The Fool’s position reveals which aspects of your life may be needing a change. The Fool represents important decisions ahead which may not be easy to make, and it represents the risks for you. Approach these changes with care to gain the best positive outcome.


Fool Reversed: The Fool Tarot card shows that you are acting in total disregard of the consequences of your actions and indeed acting like ‘the fool’. You prefer to live in the moment rather than planning for what’s to come. You are acting recklessly, wanting to break free of the usual routine to find yourself but you are doing it in a way that completely disregards others. The Fool reversed tells you to be careful about potentially being taken advantage of or entering a deal where you do not fully understand the consequences of your decisions. If you are offered an opportunity that seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead so that you are not taken by surprise. Do your research and make sure you are well prepared for critical events.


Key Dates/Time Frames/Astrological: The Fool—Uranus/Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 20), When you least expect it.


Significator Card Representation: New Beginnings


Upright Keywords: Beginnings, Innocence, Spontaneity, Free spirit, Faith, Void, Rebirth, Renewal, New Phase, Trust, Self-Belief, Freedom


Reversed Keywords: Recklessness, Carelessness, Negligence, Stupidity, Distraction, Irrationality, Lack of fun, Hope or Faith, Naivety, Risk Taking, Lack of Discipline, Lack of Restraint, Addiction, Mental Health Problems


The Fool as a Yes or No Answer: This card isn’t a definite yes or no answer. It’s more of a maybe.


Policies to Consider When Reading Tarot Professionally

Payment Policy.


Bounced check policy with stipulated fee for recovery.


Refund Policy.


Reading hours, including days of the week.


Office Hours.


Cancelation Policy, both yours and the clients.


Safety procedures for in home readings.


Post client concerns: How long are you willing to spend answering questions after a reading.


Emergency plans and payment policies: Whom will you call when you’re sick and cannot get out of the bed to do a reading? Will you have a backup reader that you trust go in for you? How will your backup be paid?


Last minute appointments: Will you accept them even if it means interfering with your personal or family time? If so, will you charge more?


Children, yours or theirs: Does a screaming two-year-old destroy your concentration? What will you do if your clients child breaks something while you read in your home or office? What would you do if your child does the same in someone else’s home?


Will you carry personal liability insurance? What happens when someone slips on the ice in front of your home? What if you are injured on a client’s property?


Holiday surcharges: Will you charge more for readings if they are done on major holidays? Are you willing to do readings on holidays?

How to Obtain the Clients Energy During a Tarot Reading Without Them Touching Your Cards

First shuffle the cards yourself and then ask them to tell you when to stop.


Ask them how many times they would like you to cut the cards.


Have them choose a number and count down the cards until you’ve reached their number. (Reduce large numbers by adding the digits together to arrive at a smaller number).


Use a numerical reduction of their birth date as a starting point for their reading.

6 Ways to Choose a Tarot Card:

Fall Away Method:

Hold the deck in your left hand and tilt to one side. Part of the deck will fall away, revealing a gap. Choose the top card.


Cut Method:

Simply cut the deck using your left hand.


Intuitive Shuffle:

Shuffle the cards until you feel it’s time to stop. Choose the top card.


Card Hand Method:

Fan the cards out like if you’re playing mean game of poker, except that that the cards should be facing out so you can’t see them.


Fan Out Method:

Fan cards out on a table, magician style. Either choose the card your eye is most drawn to, or float your hand over the cards and stop when you feel tingles in your palm.


Pop Up Method:

Shuffle cards horizontally until one pops up. Choose that card.

Tarot Relaxation and Grounding Exercise:

Step One:

Sit upright on an ordinary chair, with spine straight, feet flat on the floor, and shoes off. Place your hands on your legs, palms down.


Step Two:

Take deep breaths. Pull the air first into the bottom of your lungs and slowly fill them to the top. Your stomach should expand. Hold for three counts. Exhale by pushing the air from the top of your lungs, expelling until the bottom is completely empty and your stomach pulled in. Hold for a count of three before inhaling again.


Step Three:

Continue to breathe in the same slow and careful way. On every exhalation, visualize all your cares and tensions leaving through the soles of your feet. On every inhalation, draw up revitalized energy through the soles of your feet. Picture yourself as a tree drawing up life and nourishment from mother earth and releasing the waste matter of your life. Continue to do this until you have established a regular, even rhythm to your breathing. Try to maintain this even breath for the rest of the exercise.


Step Four:

Next, as you inhale, visualize brining the vital energy or sap from mother earth all the way up through your body and out through the crown of your head, releasing it into the atmosphere around you as sparkling golden dust. Feel the sensation of well-being and health that this energy brings.


Step Five:

On your next inhalation, connect with a point of light about 18 inches above your head and draw down a ray of gold into your heart. When you exhale, this ray of gold radiates out from your heart in all directions.

Tarot Tips 30-44

Tarot Tip 30:

Be aware of the astrological correspondences of tarot cards. They can tell you when something will happen or who is being referred to in a reading. For example, the moon symbolizes Pisces, late February/early March and possibly Cancer (because its ruling planet is the moon) or a woman who is a water sign. It’s not an exact science but if you get stuck on a card and can’t see how it fits, astrology can help you.


Tarot Tip 31:

A reversed card doesn’t equal a reversed meaning. The four of pentacles means almost the same thing upright or reversed (possessiveness and materialism). The Hanged man is tied up no matter which way he falls and The Tower will burn regardless of the direction of the flame. Major Arcana cards tend to be poetic.


Tarot Tip 32:

You can rely on certain cards to be a “sure thing” while giving a reading. These are cards that are always accurate and always predict the same thing (relevant to the question asked). My “sure thing” cards related to relationships are:

Empress = Pregnancy

Three of Cups Reversed = Cheating

Ten of Cups = Marriage

Ten of Cup Reversed = Divorce

What are your “sure thing” cards?


Tarot Tip 33:

The Lovers is one of the most iconic cards in the tarot deck. Many readers find it to be a good prediction of love. I’ve never found it to be. For me, The Lovers is more of a Romeo and Juliet type of situation: immature, infatuation or instant attraction rather than a deep commitment based on understanding.

Why am I mentioning this?

Because it’s important to know the traditional meaning of cards but it’s also important to know how the cards present themselves to you. This can only be understood through practice.


Tarot Tip 34:

Bad energy equals bad readings. Think about how you treat your tarot deck and how that affects its energy. An old, peeling or faded deck doesn’t have the best energy. Time to retire it. Having a collection of 27 different tarot decks that you never use is equally bad. Use every deck you have. Otherwise, your tarot readings will be stale and ineffective.


Tarot Tip 35:

Don’t waste your tarot reading on the following questions:

  1. Am I pregnant?
  2. Will he/she come back to me?
  3. When/ how will I die?
  4. When will I get married?


P.S. The short answer to those questions are: Take a test. Depends on them. When/ How it happens. Depends on you.


Tarot Tip 36:

It’s completely possible to learn tarot for free:

Find two decks of playing cards (probably around your house somewhere) or find cardboard and cut out 78 cards. They can even be mini cards if you do not have enough cardboard. Write the name of each tarot card on your homemade/repurposed cards in marker or pen. Shuffle and draw. Use websites like biddytarot.com or learntarot.com to figure out the meanings.


Tarot Tip 37:

You might find that the clearer your mind is, the clearer your readings become. A clear/clean mind is often the result of better eating habits. Experiment with giving up sugar and caffeine or junk food and see how it affects your readings. Try green smoothies. Try chai tea. Try red wine. Try drinking three lattes before you read your cards. See what happens when you eat ice-cream vs. when you eat kale. There’s no right or wrong. Just notice how what you ingest affects your reading.


Tarot Tip 38:

If a reading feels wrong to you, if something feels off walk away. Set your cards aside and come back to them later. Your clients would rather have a good reading instead of a quick reading. This is especially true if you’ve had a busy day at work and are trying to catch up on your readings at night. Sleep on it and try again in the morning when you’re fresh and rested.


Tarot Tip 39:

Meditation is an important part of your tarot practice. It’s as simple as setting your timer on your phone for 5 minutes, closing your eyes and noticing what thoughts are happening in your mind. You don’t have to sit in a lotus pose. You don’t have to stop thinking. You don’t have to say a mantra. Just close your eyes, pay attention to your thoughts and maybe take a few deep breaths.


Tarot Tip 40:

When you lay out a reading, pay attention to the way in which the human figures on each card interact with each other. Are they facing toward each other or are they facing away? Do they look harmonious? Or do they look tense? Does it look like they have a relationship: father-daughter, mother-son, lovers, friends, enemies?

You might find that the nine of pentacles and the knight of swords gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes. Or that the figures on the six of swords are escaping from the fight happening on the five of wands. Or that the queen of cups is rolling her eyes at the hierophant.  Tarot cards have images on them for a reason. Noticing how the figures on the cards interact will give you extra information.


Tarot Tip 41:

Tarot readings are spiritual and practical. Cleanse your cards and meditate but don’t forget mundane chores like sweeping, dusting and eating breakfast. Take care of yourself and your space and you’ll give a more accurate reading.


Tarot Tip 42:

Intricate tarot spreads and layouts are great but you don’t need them. They’re like jewelry and fancy shoes – beautiful but unnecessary.


Tarot Tip 43:

Do you really need another tarot deck? New agers tend to be collectors- crystals, incense, essential oils, silver jewelry- we love it all. Before you buy something new ask yourself: Am I a collector or a practitioner? Especially if you own more stuff than you can possibly use on a regular basis.


Tarot Tip 44:

Deal with inappropriate questions before they are asked. Email clients a pre-reading form that includes a disclaimer and a list of questions you deem inappropriate. These might include questions like:

Am I pregnant?

When will I die?

Has my ex boyfriends new girlfriend put a curse on me?

Tarot Reading Parties and Events

tarot-parties-and-events-bannerWould you like a unique and creative way to entertain your guests? Imagine what it would be like to have your friends talking about your party for weeks after the event? You and your friends will receive a face to face tarot reading. I will give you advice using my tarot cards or Pendulum.

Ask the Tarot cards or Pendulum your questions and you will get your answers!

This service is available for birthdays, bridal and wedding showers, corporate events, Halloween parties, weddings, New Year’s Eve parties and any other celebratory event — whenever you want to add something really special to the festivities. You can have a Tarot Party as part of a birthday celebration, a bridal shower or anytime you would like to give a unique and inspiring gift to your friends.

The cost for a professional Tarot reader at your event ranges from $200 and up depending on location, how many persons at the event and what you would like to have. The host will receive a free reading.

Will Travel To: All five Boroughs (Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island), Long Island, Yonkers, Westchester Area, New Jersey

For more information log on to:http://readingsbycherie.webs.com/tarot-reading-parties