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Tarot Tips 1-14

Tarot Tip 1:

The Major Arcana tells you which universal force is surrounding you. The Minor Arcana tells you what you can do about it.


Tarot Tip 2:

There are two different types of tarot readings, both are equally valid. For an objective reading, seek out a reader you’ve never met before and avoid wearing any conspicuous clothing/jewelry.  Answer the bare minimum of questions.

For a sympathetic reading, find a reader who is a friend or family member, someone who knows you well. Be yourself. Answer all their questions.


Tarot Tip 3:

To learn tarot quickly, draw one card each morning and use it as guidance throughout the day. Keep a journal and write all the cards down. You’ll see your understanding deepen over time.


Tarot Tip 4:

When giving a reading always do “Tarot math”. Pay attention to the numbers on the cards and look for sequences. Every number has a meaning and sequences indicate the overall energy of a situation.


Tarot Tip 5:

Symbols are important. The pictures on tarot cards tell stories. They are full of allegory and often allude to myths, fairytales and archetypes. Knowing the meaning and history of each card’s symbols gives you a deeper layer of knowledge to use in your readings.


Tarot Tip 6:

Two tarot decks are better than one.

Use one solely for readings.

Use the second deck for meditation, visualization, spellwork, mood boards, decorations, and rituals. Tape them to mirrors and put them in your wallet. Don’t be precious with them.


Tarot Tip 7:

Want a clear reading?

The best times of the year for a clear and precise tarot reading are Samhain/Halloween (the night of   October 31st and November 1st) an it’s exact opposite on the Wheel of the year, Beltane/May Day (the night of April 30th and May 1st).


Tarot Tip 8:

The Tarot deck is full of twin cards.

The lovers and the two of hearts, for example. When these cards both appear in a reading, their energy is doubled. Almost every Major Arcana card has a twin in the Minor Arcana. See if you can figure them out.


Tarot Tip 9:

Reinforcing cards are cards with similar or harmonious meanings that serve the purpose of building upon the energy or meaning of any previous card or cards.

For example, if the first card drawn is the Hierophant and the second card is the 3 of pentacles, you know that other people (friends, co-workers, classmates etc.) are important factors in this reading because both cards mean teamwork, groups and planning.


Tarot Tip 10:

Opposing cards are cards with opposite or conflicting meanings that diminish the energy and meaning of any one card.


Tarot Tip 11:

If your cards are acting weirdly or your readings are feeling off, your deck probably needs to be cleansed. Pass the cards through incense smoke, leave them out in the moon light or place them in a bag with some citrine crystals.

If that doesn’t work, try switching up your reading style. Try reading reversals or picking up your deck at a different time of day. This should fix the stagnant energy and get your cards working again.


Tarot Tip 12:

When shuffling the deck, pay attention to any cards that pop out or drop on to the floor. Sometimes those cards have a special meaning or message for you.

Always take a second and look at the card at the bottom of the deck. Often the same card will appear over and over again. This card usually has a message for you.


Tarot Tip 13:

“Bad” cards aren’t always bad and “Good” cards aren’t always good.

The two of hearts next to the Devil isn’t indicative of a healthy relationship. The Death card is ultimately positive but the experience of change and rebirth is rarely easy.


Tarot Tip 14:

The court cards often correspond to people in your life.

Page: children, younger people in your life

Knight: youths, sometimes new suitors

Queen: an adult woman (you, if you identify as a woman)

King: an adult male (you, if you identify as a male)

*Note: the gender of the person indicated is not always in line with the gender depicted on the card. For example, the Queen of Hearts represents a kind, caring, loving person who could just as easily be male as female.


Recharging your Tarot Cards

Moon Energy Bath:

Place the deck on your window sill where it can catch the Moonlight. The energies of the moon can recharge the cards really well. The full moon and new moon are great times for this. Moon energy is Feminine, Intuitive, and Creative Energy.


Sun Energy Bath:

In this method, the cards are placed directly in the sunlight. Usually a couple of hours of being bathed in the warm sunlight does the trick for charging the cards. In comparison to the moon, the sun represents Masculine, logical, clarity-filled energy. With the sun, there are no phases to consider. You can charge your cards in a couple of hours and are pretty much good to go.


Breath Of Life:

In this method you hold your cards and envision a bright white light cocooning over your cards. Envision any impurities and negative energies leaving and only power and light passing through the deck. Breathe into your deck by placing your deck to your mouth and asking the deck for guidance, love, light and truth. Finally hold the deck to your heart for five heartbeats.


Crystal Charging:

In this method you place a crystal that calls out to you on top of the tarot deck. I prefer Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz but any crystal will do. A quartz crystal is a wonderful absorber of energies and it is not a bad thing to keep one with your tarot whenever you store it away.

6 Mistakes to Reading Tarot for Yourself and How to Avoid Them

Here are six common mistakes that are made when reading tarot for yourself, and how you can avoid them.


  1. You do a Tarot Reading When you’re highly emotional: You want to be able to remain objective, calm and focused.


  1. You keep drawing extra tarot cards as “clarifiers”: Commit to drawing clarifying cards only when necessary and never draw more than two extra cards.


  1. You do multiple tarot readings on the same topic: Wait at least a month before reading on the same topic, or at least until you see a significant change.


  1. You research multiple tarot card meanings for the one you want: Don’t get stuck on trying to find the perfect, most convenient meaning. Instead, go with your instinct.


  1. You use a complicated tarot spread: Many questions simply need only a few tarot cards to find your answer.


  1. You interpret your tarot reading the way you want: You can interpret your own cards, but you may want to also seek the opinion of an objective third party.


Reading Tarot for yourself can be incredibly powerful and insightful if you do it correctly. By avoiding these six mistakes you will be well on your way to creating accurate tarot readings for yourself.

Numbers in the Tarot

Ones (Aces):

Ones are seeds, new beginnings. The start of something fresh and clean. They may be a spark of inspiration, an impulsive decision, or the start of a new project.



Two’s are about balance, decisions and relationships. They are about two halves of a whole, and finding the middle ground between them.



Threes are the creation. They are a result of collaboration, inspiration, and the decisions that you’ve made. They are what comes of being ones and twos together.



Fours stand for achievement and stability. You’ve done the initial work, and you’ve reaped the first wave of rewards. They signify a time to rest and reflect on your accomplishments before you start working again.



Fives signifies change. It could be a change in status, a change of heart, or the fine tuning of things. That change could bring conflict and a bit of misery, but it can also bring hope.



Sixes are the cards of success, satisfaction and reward. They signal a time of benefits and a chance to relax and revel in the moment.



Sevens call for patience, trust and commitment. They represent those times when its best to be transparent and think about the long term rather than instant gratification.



Eights are about progress and priorities. They stand for moving forward in a controlled, structured way. They are the cards that ask you to look at the steps that need to be taken.



Nines signal a time of clarity and culmination. These are usually the times when you see the end and know what you have to do to get there either because it’s so close, or because you’ve already made it.



Tens are the completion of the cycle. They stand for the finish line, where lessons are learned, and rewards or consequences are reaped. They mark the end of one journey and the beginning of another.

October 2016 Horoscope:

January: Aquarius January 20 – February 18

For the month of October it will be difficult for you to see what’s right in front of you. This month speaks about how important it is to see relationships as they really are, rather than how you’d like them to be. This is not always an easy or comfortable thing to do. However, in order to make correct decisions in a relationship, you must be clear about it. This month you may be withdrawing emotionally from a relationship or you may feel the need to make a decision regarding that relationship. This will not serve in your best interest. You must open your heart and your eyes to the truth. By honestly assessing the situation you will know just what you need to do. Knowing the truth will make your decision easier and will lead you in the right path.

February: Pisces February 19 – March 19

This month you will remember how life was before you grew older and life became more complicated. This month there is a need to take action and bring that innocence and energy you felt when you were younger. Try to bring that energy into your current relationships. Try to interact with others with a pure and open heart, full of love and ulterior motives. Do this and you’ll find that your relationships will deepen and require far less effort. When you reminisce about your past bring back only the good memories and cherish them. Kindness and generosity are at the forefront this month. Look for ways to help family and friends, especially children. Reach out to them and assist them any way you can. Sometimes just a little bit of attention is all someone needs.
March: Aries March 20 – April 20

This month you find yourself awaiting the results to something you’ve been waiting for. You have put much energy creating and attracting the relationships you desire and are eager to see the positive results. This month patience is needed. However reshaping attitudes and beliefs takes time. Refining yourself so that you’ll attract just the right person is a process. If you find yourself becoming frustrated at the apparent lack of visible change, step back and focus on something other than your relationship for a while. When you are feeling more detached, you’ll be in a better position to notice any improvements. Try and look for alternative strategies to effect the change you desire. What works with one person may not work for the other.



April: Taurus April 21 – May 21

This month you will be entering a period of joy and tranquility. However, this month speaks of friendship, not romance, suggesting that this is an opportune time to connect with friends. For the time being, let go of nay desires, anxiety or stress around romantic relationships. Instead, focus on your relationships with your friends. Turn to them for support if you need it, and find reasons to celebrate with them. Rejoice in the fact that they will always be there for you, and you for them. Community is also important this month. Get out of your house and away from your own concerns.

May: Gemini May 22 – June 21

This month you have the potential to achieve everything you want. Listen to your heart and what it asks you to do. Should you reach out your hand in friendship to someone, offer forgiveness, or make yourself more available? Trust in your ability to maintain true, loving relationships. Now is the time to make that happen. Be optimistic and be open to all the possibilities headed your way this month. Focus on your beautiful, loving qualities and let them radiate out into the world.

June: Cancer June 22 – July 22

This month is all about healing. This month is an ideal time to bring healing to your relationships and realize your hopes and dreams. This month indicates that it is time for forgiveness. Understand that no one is perfect. By accepting this, you’re in a position to forgive yourself and those with whom you are involved with. Try and forgive freely and without reservations, as blame and resentment are heavy weights to bear. By forgiving, you will feel a weight lifted from your shoulders. Don’t just offer forgiveness, offer your love and thoughtful insight. Be willing to receive the blessings that others have for you. Try and be open to their insights and guidance. Listen objectively to what others have to say and act upon that guidance if it feels right for you.

July: Leo July 23 – August 23

This month is about trust. This month is the time to trust the path that you are on. Believe that whatever you desire concerning affairs of the heart can be manifested in the proper time and for your highest good. Trusting takes courage, but it also removes the burden of doing it all on your own. When you feel alone in a situation it can diminish your energy and desire to take actions that will improve the situation. Whether it’s a relationship with another person, or the relationship with yourself, now is the time to take action. Even a good relationship can be improved.



August: Virgo August 24 – September 23

October is a month about giving and receiving. This month your relationships will take on a loving balanced energy. Is there someone who could benefit from what you’ve learned around matters of the heart? Take some time to share your insights. However, be careful don’t try to solve people’s problems, just be a mentor. Also look for other ways that you can be of assistance to those around you, but be sure to give only what you can and no more. Be open to receiving support and inspiration from other people.

September: Libra September 24 – October 23

This October there is a great potential to revitalize your relationships right now, both with others and with yourself. Seize the energy and infuse more warmth and enthusiasm into all of your relationships. Have fun with other people, and feel how this will lift your spirits. See your loved ones in a different light. For the time being, set aside any difficulties. Focus on humorous and loving aspects, and think of creative ways to add more laughter to your life. You’ve been sad for far too long and now is the time to make changes and allow people to be there for you.


October: Scorpio October 24 – November 22

October is about finding balance. This month you may find that matters of the heart require extra effort at this time. More and more demands may be placed on you, requiring you to juggle your attention. Family gatherings, school commitments, requests for assistance, and other obligations may arise within a short period of time. Just breathe and remember to be flexible. Adapt your approach to each situation at hand. Know that you have the ability to keep everything and everyone in balance. This month you may also be called upon to play the role of the mediator. This is a time for compassion and understanding, and you are up to the task. Work with people individually, giving each person consideration. Help all involved to understand another viewpoint and find middle ground.

November: Sagittarius November 23 – December 21

This month reminds you to nurture your relationships. Count the blessings of the relationships you have. Find ways to let them know you care for them and appreciate them. Good relationships can be taken to new levels of happiness, and flattering relationships can be revived with loving care and attention. Equally, be sure to tend to your relationship with yourself. Remember that nurturing yourself as well as your relationships can be so much help to you.

December: Capricorn December 22 – January 19

This month matters of the heart are much like flowers. In the bud stage, the relationship is in a state of potential. It requires loving care and attention to help it grow, develop, and bloom. The people involved in the relationship must be willing to trust and open themselves to each other. With the proper amount of nurturing, the relationship will blossom and bring beauty to the lives of those involved. It’s time for you to nurture the potential of your relationships. New life and love are waiting for you this month. Seize the energies of renewal that surround you now and allow yourself to blossom like a beautiful flower. You’re in a period of growth regarding matters of the heart. Stretch yourself and your ideas of what you believe is possible. Know that anything is possible this month.

Reading Tarot with Confidence

It can be nerve wrecking starting to read for other people. Most of the time we lack the self-confidence to showcase our skills in fear of being judged or made fun of. Here are some tips on gaining confidence and becoming the best tarot reader you probably can be.


Practice, Practice, Practice:

Practice Tarot Reading from day one. Practice having imaginary clients. Do a simple reading, pretending someone is sitting right in front of you. You can read for people on the news, friends, family, people who have passed on in your life, celebrities. The possibilities are endless.


Record your Readings:

We are in the age of smartphones and mobile computing devices. Record your readings. You can learn a lot by listening to how you sound to others.


Keep it Simple:

Large spreads are fantastic to use but at times they can be overwhelming. I suggest mastering a three card spread. Then again you don’t even need to use a specific spread. Just ask a focused question and lay out three tarot cards to discover what the Universe has to tell you.


Use Positive Affirmations:

Using positive affirmations before and after tarot readings can also help put you in a positive mind state. Positive affirmations are specific statements that help you to overcome self-sabotaging, and negative thoughts. They help you visualize, and believe in what you’re affirming to yourself, helping you to make positive changes to your life.


Make Tarot Part of your Day:

Try pulling a card a day. Write down your interpretation of it or come back to it at the end of the day and see how that card’s meaning manifested itself in your life.


Tell the Story:

The easiest way to read a tarot card is to simply tell the story within the card. Take a tarot card. What do you see? Who is in the card? What are they doing? Who or what else is present? How are the people or objects interacting? What emotions are being conveyed? Tell the story of what is happening.


You won’t always be right:

The sooner you realize that you will never be 100% accurate in your readings, the easier life will be. Don’t put yourself on that pedestal and don’t allow your clients to put you on one too.

The Four R’s of Tarot


What is the issue? Tarot can be used to demonstrate that underlying, subconscious forces are often at work. What old feelings are involved in the situation?



What is preventing you from dealing with the issue? Why hasn’t it been solved yet? This card will force you to look at your shortcomings and give you the direction you need to be able to take action.



This card is the most important in the spread because its focus is on what ultimately needs to be done to turn the tide and free yourself from the problem. Tarot is there to offer a different perspective and force you to think things through sufficiently before making the leap into action.



Once you’ve taken the best possible action in order to solve the issue, what can you do to manage the consequences and make sure it doesn’t end up happening again.