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Many Different uses for the Tarot

A tool for personal exploration.

A tool for personal growth, and achievement of self-knowledge.

A focus for meditation.

A tool for use in rituals.

A tool for seeing the choices available to you.

A tool for problem solving.

A tool for clarifying goals.

A tool for seeing into the past.

A tool for understanding the present.

A tool for creating the future.

A tool for accessing our unconscious.

A tool for helping us come into our own power.

A tool accessing the knowledge of our ancestors.

And tool for understanding and working with the Elemental energies. (Fire, water, air, and Earth).

A tool for enriching our lives.

A tool for helping create and give power to personal affirmations.

A tool for practicing the ancient sacred are of storytelling.

An oracular tool, used for fortune telling in its most basic form, and for dialoguing and personal insight in its highest form.

A tool for helping you to access and develop your psychic powers/abilities.

A tool to help you understand dreams.

A tool for helping you create “dreams”.

A tool for working with journaling.

A tool for developing characters, plots and story lines for writers.

A tool for developing a personal profile through the use of birth cards, personal day and year cards, and more.

A tool for whatever you want it to do!


4 Tips on Reading Negative Tarot Cards

Opposite meaning:

What is the opposite meaning of the negative car? The opposite meaning can indicate a secret desire.



What challenges does the card represent? What strengths will help you with this challenge?



What opportunities does this card represent? Is there a skill or lesson to master?



How can the “issues” represented by this card be faced and dissolved? How can you manifest this cards opposite meaning?

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What To Look For In A Tarot Deck

Look For A Personal & Intuitive Connection With The Cards:

The absolute best way to choose a Tarot deck is to find one that you personally and intuitively connect with. You may find someone raving about their favorite deck, but if every time you go to do a Tarot reading with those cards you break out in a sweat and go blank, then it’s not the right deck for you.

If a Tarot teacher swears by the Rider Waite deck, but you’re totally in love with the Oracle Tarot Cards, then go with the Oracle Tarot Cards.

If you’ve got a new age shop or bookstore nearby, go to the store and handle all of the Tarot decks that are on display. What energy do you pick up from the deck? Is there a personal connection between you and the Tarot cards?

And if you’re looking to purchase your Tarot cards online, then do a quick Google search and look through the card images to see if you’ve got a connection.

Go with your intuition!



You should connect with the art. My idea of good art varies widely, I like everything from highly artistic cards, to outsider art. But the art either resonates with me or it doesn’t. I am not a fan of busy cards but some are. Take a good look at the Tarot cards within a specific deck. Go through them one-by-one or, if you’re viewing them online, find as many images as possible via Google or even Instagram.


Nice Card Stock:

The perfect medium are cards that are not too springy, not too heavily laminated. Usually I like them to be well-finished, smooth edges etc., but it depends on the character of the deck. Some decks are perfect if they are a little rougher. Most Tarot cards will be of a good thickness to ensure that you can continue using them for many years.

However, there may be some cheaper reproductions that are not high quality and the cardboard may tear easily or become damaged much more quickly. Best to avoid these cheaper types if you are planning on using the Tarot cards regularly.


Comfortable Size:

Decks that are not too small or so large that you would have to shuffle sideways depending on the character of the deck. Different Tarot cards come in different sizes. You’ve got to choose the size that’s right for you.

Giant Tarot cards may be great for group Tarot readings or parties. Regular Tarot cards may be better for face-to-face client readings or personal readings. And mini Tarot cards are perfect for fitting into your handbag for a Tarot reading on the go.

This is particularly important for when you handle and shuffle the cards. If the cards are too big or too small, they may be too clumsy for you or your clients to handle. So, before selecting a deck, handle the cards and practice shuffling them.


Consider Your Experience Level:

If you are new to Tarot, you may prefer to start learning with the most popular Tarot deck, the Rider Waite deck. It’s easy to understand, the imagery is straight-forward and practical and there is a huge amount of information available for this deck. Of course, don’t be limited by thinking that if you’re new to Tarot, you can only read with the Rider Waite deck. You need to also consider if you have a personal connection with the cards.

Tips When Reading Tarot At A Special Event

Whether you are reading at a festival, bridal shower, new age store event, or flea market, there are some things you should be mindful of to have the best experience possible.


Take Care Of Your Body:

If you are reading on a hot day in the sun, wear protective clothing, a hat and use sun screen. Keep a spritzer bottle of water nearby to cool yourself off on a hot day. Make sure you eat and have plenty of water on hand.


Take Breaks:

I don’t read for more than 50 minutes at a time. That’s about 5-10 minutes for each reading. If you find yourself in an all-day read-a-thon, you should get up when you can walk around for at least 10 minutes every hour. I believe in quality over quantity. Don’t feel pressured to give a certain amount of readings if it is going to affect your health.


Ground Yourself:

You can carry your favorite crystals for grounding. You can carry an amethyst for a spiritual connection. Clear quartz, blue kyanite and citrine are great crystals to use before and during your readings.


Protect Yourself:

I protect myself by saying a prayer and I ask that only positive energies come through during my readings. I also keep a smokey quartz, jet, and jade on my table or reading area.


Type of Readings:

Usually for personal events such as bridal showers, or fairs and festivals I prefer to do a personal variation of a 3-5 card tarot reading that lasts about 10 minutes each.

Tarot Reading Pricing

I believe that when it comes to tarot readings and divination in general there are always going to be three levels of pricing structures for the reader and the querent. Budget and low cost tarot readings, mid-range tarot readings and the premium tarot reading.


Budget and Low Cost Tarot Readings:

Budget and low cost tarot readings are great if you are offering these for first time clients or as an introduction as a first time professional reader. The downside is that most querents will get used to your budget rate and you can potentially under value yourself, which in turn will allow your clients to under value you also. These budget readings usually price at an unspecified donation amount and up to $10.00. Keep in mind these rate range estimates depend greatly on the reader. Everyone is different. Before I started reading professionally, I read over 300 people over a course of a year and a half for donations only.


Mid-Range Tarot Readings:

For the Mid-Range Tarot readings these are usually given by professionals who have been reading for over 10 years. This pricing structure seems to be the golden standard for most readers at $30-$60 a half hour session. I feel like this pricing strategy is a conservative and well-balanced approach for most professionals. Much like the Budget and low cost tarot readings, keep in mind these rate range estimates depend greatly on the reader. Everyone is different.


Premium Tarot Readings:

Then you have the premium tarot reading. These premium readings usually start at $100 an hour and up with readers integrating but not limited to a form of psychology, coaching, or spiritual study, etc. into their readings, or offering a holistic service and may or may not be known to have celebrity clientele or only cater to a specific niche market, if you are planning on offering premium tarot readings. If you are planning on offering premium tarot readings, you should be aware that you need to deliver a premium reading experience. You simply cannot charge a premium rate and then give a halfassed reading. You can potentially damage your reputation and any referrals you hope to receive.


A Plethora of Choices:

In the end you have endless choices when it comes to your rate. Your reading rate can be for time spent, by spread or by reading type. I personally prefer reading for time spent, it prevents a client from turning a six card spread into an hour marathon concerning every aspect of their life. (Just remember price does not determine quality).


Oversaturation is a Myth:

There is no such thing as an over-saturated Tarot reading market when we all have our own reading style and something different to offer. No two readings are alike. Pride yourself in being unique. There is only one you.

Scary Cards and Your Querent


This card to many querents has them believing that they or something they love is going to die tragically in some horrific murder. The Death card can be explained to the querent as rebirth, the life cycle, transformation and ultimately how we deal with changes, however uncomfortable the may come.


The Devil:

This card to many querents comes with a lot of Christian connotations as they see two people shackled helplessly to a demonic creature with bat wings. The Devil card can be explained to the querent as their shadow aspect, and those parts of ourselves that are hidden and restrained, along with any failures, shortcomings and materialistic mentalities that we hold in our minds and hearts.


The Hanged Man:

The Hanged Man seems to be unsettling to most querents because of its name and their association with hanging from a noose. The Hanged Man can be explained as waiting and self-sacrifice. A new perspective that may be uncomfortable at first, patience, standing still as well as deep contemplation.


The Tower:

The Tower has many mixed responses from querents. Some immediately think of suicide, bombings, or their house catching fire. The Tower card can be explained to the querent as a card of making sure their foundation is strong and making sure they know who they are in all aspects of their life. The tower is about working out what is important to you.


Ten of Swords:

This card along with Death is seen in almost every horror movie where Tarot is implemented. Most querents fear this card because it looks like a horrible murder by swords. The Ten of Swords can be explained as a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis through great pain and endurance. It is another card of standstill, and not being able to move forward from a particular situation. It promises a new day.